Crazy Halloween

On November 3, 2008, in Uncategorized, by scott

Trick-or-treat.  That’s what Gabby woke up saying.  The first thing she asked me when I got her out of her crib was, “When can we put on our costumes and go trick-or-treating?”  She had a blast.

It was a longer day for the family.  We went to Grand Haven to visit with Crystal’s cousins who were in town for a family emergency.  While in town, Don, Dustin, and I went up to deer camp to clear out our blinds and get ready for deer season in a couple of weeks.  

In order to keep things from being too crazy and risk Gabby missing her trick-or-treating, we decided to stay in Grand Haven for the candy getting.  

Her pumpkin ended the night very full.  We had a blast watching her walk up to the houses and saying “Trick-or-treat.”  We had practiced what to say so much that she forgot to say thank you as we were leaving; all she would say was, “Trick-or-treat!”

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