A Small Upgrade

On January 26, 2010, in Family, Miscellaneous, by scott

Long story short…
Brendan is a climber. He climbs on anything and uses anything to pull himself up. Case in point: our 120+ pound Sony Wega.

Brendan Climbing

Brendan using the Wega as a handle to climb.

After seeing repeated attempts by our little guy to climb up higher and higher, and his refusal to acknowledge he understands the word “no!” I had reached a point where I started worrying. That television is not only heavy, but it is front heavy.

Our solution:

New TV

New Samsung LCD HDTV

A new LCD TV that weighs 40 pounds and can be tethered to the wall!

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  1. pcornqueen says:

    Wow I want one of those hahaha Very Nice 😉

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