Sledding Time

On February 23, 2010, in Family, by scott

After a long, stressful, and emotionally draining weekend, we attempted to return to our normal lives as best we could. Crystal went to the doctor to get something to help her FINALLY kick the cold that has been bothering her for the past week and a half.

When we were eating breakfast this morning, Gabby mentioned that we had a lot of snow outside. It was then I decided we should try to get out and enjoy some of that snow today. I asked her if she wanted to go sledding, and the idea never left her head.

Dilemma: Trying to find a sled in February = not an easy task. If one were to, say, want some beach toys, no problem.

I took a gamble and went to a local sporting goods store… and the gamble paid off!

A Sled!

Now the fun began. Kids + sleds + snow = many good laughs and a few good wipeouts! The only camera we had was my phone, but that is more than enough to show the joy on our two precious children’s faces.

Gabby Getting Ready to Go

Gabby Getting Ready to Race

Brendan in His Sled

Brendan did ride down the hill with me. We also did a trip with Gabby, Brendan, and me in the sled at the same time!

More from today.


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