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Not to brag, but I am married to the most amazing woman on the planet. One that puts up with (but not necessarily likes) my profession, being a single parent on days I’m working, and still loves me and want to spend time with me.

Knowing that there is a rock, a foundation back at home allows me to sleep at night. Taking care of the kids, working full time, and keeping the house in some form of order is no easy task. She is truly a superwoman. She is the love of my life. She is the glue that holds our family together. We love you! (all three of us)


As of late, Crystal has been grading into early hours of the morning. She is also having to get up early and drop our wonderful children off at daycare when I am at work. Top this off with a not so ideal transition between bid months and we have an overly tired mom/wife.

Through it all, she keeps the Tazlaarian humor I have known to love about her. She is more than willing to crack a joke and have a good laugh. Even during less than desirable discussions between the two of us, if one of our kids says something funny, or the opportunity presents itself, she will always jump on the opportunity to laugh and show that smile that I love.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell her that I love her and thank her for everything she does. I thank God every day for her and all she does for us, for me, for our kids, and for herself.

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A Small Upgrade

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Long story short…
Brendan is a climber. He climbs on anything and uses anything to pull himself up. Case in point: our 120+ pound Sony Wega.

Brendan Climbing

Brendan using the Wega as a handle to climb.

After seeing repeated attempts by our little guy to climb up higher and higher, and his refusal to acknowledge he understands the word “no!” I had reached a point where I started worrying. That television is not only heavy, but it is front heavy.

Our solution:

New TV

New Samsung LCD HDTV

A new LCD TV that weighs 40 pounds and can be tethered to the wall!

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Happy Mother’s Day

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We have now lived in the new house for two whole weeks.  In that time, it’s rained quite a bit. We’ve had to replace the sump pump switch, fertilize the lawn, replace every aerator in every sink, hang the microwave over the range, and random odds and ends.  To make a long story short, we LOVE the place.

This past weekend was Mother’s Day weekend.  On Saturday, Grandma VanWalsum came out to visit for steaks on the grill.  The next day (Sunday), Grandma and Grandpa Tazelaar and Uncle Dustin came over for brunch.

It was a wonderful weekend of relaxation and family. There are a few photos of the kids this from the past week posted in the gallery.  Here are a couple from earlier today.  Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!



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New Year

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2008 has come and gone.  It was a wonderful and challenging year for our family.  It brought great joy with the birth of Brendan, as well as a few, shall we call them minor, frustrations.  

Crystal received her Professional Teaching Certificate, as well as received a total of 18 credits toward her Master’s Degree (half way there!), all while being pregnant!  She is planning on returning to work at Waverly High School on January 20.

Gabby continues to grow and amaze us every day.  If you look in the gallery, as well as on Scott’s Flickr Page, I’m sure you can see how big she has gotten over the course of the year.  Yesterday, I had the luxury of playing in the snow with Gabby, and this is one of the shots I captured.


Brendan has also grown quite a bit in two months he spent with us in 2008.  He’s now our little boy that likes to kick and smile while laying on his back.  He’s full of expressions, smiles, coos, and happiness (with a share of crankiness every now and then.)


Scott’s (my) company seemed to be one of those hit by the economy.  In September, Continental parked somewhere around 60 airplanes and furloughed 147 pilots.  While he still has a job, his seniority in Cleveland went down considerably and his quality of life has suffered a bit.  Working through Christmas did present quite a bit of stress, tension, and loneliness.

Enough of the sad stuff.  Life has been good and God has blessed us with two beautiful children. We look forward to watching them, as well as our family grow (not expand). 

Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year and new adventures. Let’s enjoy the ride!

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Two weeks old

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Little Brendan is two weeks old and our new definition of “normal” is changing every day.  Crystal and I have spent many nights in the living room on the couch, but we’re cherishing both of our kids more and more every day.

Out of the blue today, Gabby just said “Barack Obama”… Crystal and I just looked at each other an laughed.

On a different note, Crystal and I have decided to try to do Brendan’s birth announcement shots at home with our own camera (and some borrowed lenses).  While shooting, he didn’t necessarily like the poses we were putting him in, so he required a bit of being held to calm him down. Crystal snapped this photo of me holding the little man.  It’s amazing how much I’ve been hearing from family (my mom included) how much adding a beard to my face reminds others of my father.  

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A week old

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Tomorrow, Brendan will have been with us for a week.  It’s been a crazy week of sleep deprivation, change, and adventure for the four of us.  

Gabby’s been hamming it up more and more for the camera.  We were all laying in the living room shooting some photos and video this evening, and this just made us laugh.  I turned the screen on the camera around so Gabby could see what I was shooting… you’ll see the rest.

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